Elegant Floral Cake



An elegant towering, layered sponge cake perfect for any event. The creamy and moist texture of the cake just makes it the perfect addition to any type of event. Available in 3 different flavours (Vanilla, Chocolate &  Red velvet), the cake is layered and coated with a light delicious fresh cream filling and perfect white chocolate drips on the edges.

(The cake comes without the “Happy Birthday” topper)

Dietary: 100% Vegetarian. The cake is Nut-Free, Gelatine-Free, and Alcohol-Free. (Halal)

Ingredients: Milk, eggs, caster sugar, vanilla powder, baking powder, salt, cream tartar powder, icing sugar, fresh cream, wheat flour, white chocolate.


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Additional information


6 inch cake (serves 10 large slices or 18-20 party slices), 8 inch cake (serves 16 large slices or 25-30 party slices)

Flavour options

Vanilla, Chocolate, Red velvet, Vegan Vanilla, Vegan Chocolate, Eggless Vanilla, Gluten-free Vanilla

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