About us

Éclair cake was founded in 2017, the company is directed by the award-winning cake designer Mahasti Alidousti. Mahasti’s passion for cake and design goes way back to when she was a teenager and obsessed with baking cakes and playing around with different flavours to find the perfect recipe for a dream cake. This led her to open up a company, allowing the opportunity for sharing her made-to-order only designs with everybody on an everyday basis.

Éclair Cake is a family run business and Kim, Mahasti’s daughter who is a Master’s student in Strategic Marketing handles the business side of Éclair Cake, dealing with clients. Mahasti just takes in all the information and turns it into magic by creating your dream cakes.

Éclair cake is…

Stylish, Sweet, Fashionable, flash of light and bright. At Éclair cake we strive for creativity and the very best as we provide exquisite cakes hand made from scratch, for all occasions specialising in Birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, and weddings in London. All cakes, cupcakes and confectionery products are freshly baked and crafted each day.

Our ambition is to continue baking and designing the finest cakes from the heart of London to satisfy our customers from any possible location with any possible desire.

We handpick all of our own product materials by making sure they have been freshly chosen for our customers in order to create beautiful cakes and confectionery that taste as good as they look.

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