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Anniversary cakes

Anniversaries are important due to the fact that they remind us of important events which can be both personal and cultural as they are a part of life. With that in mind, they bring our desire of having sweet and good-looking stuff because the cakes make your day complete with a well-designed, delicious taste. Feel free to order anniversary cakes according to your favourite preferred designs and ideas with any flavour you fancy.

Baby shower cakes

Baby showers are a beautiful way of celebrating the pregnancy and the baby shower cake indeed plays an important role in the whole ceremony. You can always order various cakes and cupcakes with a wide range of designs and ideas for gender reveal according to the theme of your party that will make it even more special for yourself and your loved ones. Feel free to share your imagination with us and we will convert it into reality.

Birthday cakes

A birthday party is not complete without a cool birthday cake. We can assure you that we can create the most elegant and most simple birthday cakes even to the most extravagant ones that you desire for your birthday parties. They can be various flavour of your choice and when it comes to designs, they don’t have a limit. With choosing the right birthday cake for yourself, children and husband you can let your guests to always remember the sweet memory of your party. Don’t forget that you can always surprise your children by ordering their favourite flavoured cake which will look like their favourite cartoon character or hero and it will not only make them more excited but also allows them to always appreciate the gesture.

Engagement cakes

The most special day for a couple that will never repeat itself is the engagement day. It will be the day that celebrates the love of two people finding each other and wanting to start a new chapter together which makes it even more important to make the day even more special with a beautiful engagement cake.
For the excitement of your own party you can always create a theme and order a cake with us that will match the theme of your party and results in a kind of uniqueness that you have created for your own special day.

Fathers and Mother’s Day cake

Don’t forget that by doing a simple gesture you can always let your parents know that you care about them and that you are thankful for everything they have done for you. You can always order our Father and Mother’s Day cakes specially designed for this occasion and make them happy. Let them know how much you love them by surprising them with a beautiful cake that can come in various sizes, designs and flavours available to order anytime.

Graduation cakes

Celebrate all the pomp and happiness of graduation with a memorable cake from Éclair cake. We are here for you to design and create the most personalised graduation, diploma and college cakes. Ordering a graduation cake can be a great way to congratulate your son or daughter on their successful day and celebrating their fresh start of a new chapter. We have a wide range of designs such as the certificate style, where the cake looks like a graduation certificate or a rectangular shaped cake looking like piled books that are topped by a graduation cap with more and more designs.

Valentine cakes

Treat and surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s Day with our rich chocolate flavoured cakes. Feel a little shy to tell someone you love or fancy them? Well we have the solution for you! Valentine’s Day cakes can be a great way to show and express your feeling for your special someone and make them remember this great occasion by only ordering a simple cake for them. Apart from our famous chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes are also great for this occasion designed with fresh flowers and chocolate as their toppings. If you want this day to be remembered, don’t hesitate to order a cake with us today.

Wedding cakes

Without doubt we always offer the most beautiful handmade fondant, cream and buttercream wedding cakes here in London. We have a wedding cake collection that has been specially designed and inspired to provide the most amazing cake for your special day. Our wedding cakes can be ordered in various sizes, shapes and designs which can be decorated with either natural flowers or edible fondant flowers and so many other beautiful design items that will bring out the cakes features more. You also have the opportunity to taste our cakes before ordering them to get an idea of how it will taste like on your day. Feel free to let us know and order your dream cake with us.

Swiss Cake Roll

Cake rolls are the ultimate nostalgic treat and a nod to the classic childhood favourite. The combination of light chocolate/vanilla sponge cake with sweet vanilla whipped cream and melted chocolate ganache is what makes this cake totally rich and irresistible. This type of cake can be great for any occasion.

Other occasions

Éclair cake is able to offer cakes for many different occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Christenings for its customers. According to your request and orders, we will make it happen in despite of the odds and impossibilities. Various themes can be chosen, and your ideal cake can be designed with colourful fondants and delicious tasty sweets that not only can be used for decoration but also it will make the taste of your cake magical. We can also provide you with various ideas and cake designs for these kinds of occasions if you are unsure about your order; just let us know and we will make the life easier for you.

Other cakes

Have you ever heard of a naked cake? If you haven’t, we can guarantee that if you try it once you will fall in love with it as this type of cake is one of our best sellers. Éclair cake is able to provide you with various naked cake designs that can be decorated with fruits, flowers and chocolates of your choice. The cover of the cake can either be natural cream or colourful icings which are great for any type of occasion.

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